Facebook: Reach and Saturation by Country, Part II

April 28, 2008 § 2 Comments

Updated here.

Roughly six months ago I posted some information that I dug out of Facebook’s then just launched Facebook Flyer Pro advertising platform. I’ve been poking around with Facebook again the last few days and recent talk about Facebook’s valuation inspired me to update my report. Facebook has improved their advertising platform, now just called Facebook Ads, and while ad creation is still manual, they offer CPC payment and social features on top of the incredible targeting they had with Flyer Pro. They still also display the number of users that an ad will target, so messing around with the UI can give you some interesting information about Facebook’s user base. Here I’ve added current data to the spreadsheet I started six months ago. In short, Facebook has added ~28 million users in the last 6 months, growing at an average 140% in the countries where they released data six months ago and today. 70% of their growth was in North America and Europe. I updated population figures so that saturation percentages would be accurate.

Updated saturation leaderboard:
Canada: 28.22%
Norway: 24.04%
UK: 16.88%
Australia: 13.30%
Sweden: 12.20%
Denmark: 10.73%

Trailing 6 month growth leaders:
Turkey: 875%
Israel: 393%
Colombia: 393%
France 294%
Malaysia: 255%
Switzerland: 199%

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